Group Training

Do you thrive in an encouraging environment surrounded by people who are trying to better themselves just like you?

Are you a group of friends or colleagues who want to train together, to get fit and focused? Or maybe you want to get your bridal party in shape for those wedding pics?

One to One Training

I know that some people find it way easier to commit and engage with their fitness coach one to one.

Could you benefit from the attention? Have you set some personal goals and need the extra push to get you there? Let me have your back with one-to-one coaching sessions until you have the Confitdence to go it alone!

Team Training

Being a part of a team can be highly beneficial to any personal fitness, Improvement or training regime.

Being part of a team can improve your mental and physical well-being, providing you with a purpose for your fitness journey. Are you interested in training as part of a team? Are you a team looking for a trainer?

Couch to 5K Plans

Has your working life left you a little out of shape? Are you looking to get off your backside and get motivated?

At Confitdence Wellness we have just the thing for you. Our Couch to 5K plans will get you off your butt and back in the race.

Get yourself fighting fit, and take the first step to wellness. Remember The further you go, the stronger you get!

Marathon Training

Have you ever wanted to feel the exhilaration and sense of enormous achievement that comes from completing a Marathon?

Or maybe you have a few under your belt and want to get yourself in peak marathon form?

Whatever your motivation you’ll be in racing form after some personalised Marathon Training with me!!


My name is Conor and I am the creator of Confitdence Wellness. I came up with the name Confitdence as part of a college project back in my health & leisure days in Tralee IT.

I’ve been working in the industry for the last 5 years or so. All I want to do is help people move and feel better in their daily life.

I’ve trained various types of people group training, personal training, football,soccer, athletics teams, cardiac rehab, falls and mobility, working with older adults. I’ve always been involved in sport growing up.

I love what I do and if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life they say.


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